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Great Lawyers. Better People.

Serving DuPage County Since 1983

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Resolving legal issues through the court system can be a daunting prospect, and people are often understandably overwhelmed by the complexities and technicalities of the legal process. However, decisions made in legal cases can affect a person's family, their finances, their career, and their future. When working to resolve these types of issues, it is incredibly important to be represented by a skilled, experienced attorney.

"Treat the client with honesty and respect, aggressively pursue an efficient solution to the client's issues, and continuously keep the client informed about their matter."

At Roberts, P.C., we work with people in divorce and family law cases to reach settlements that protect their rights and their financial resources. With more than 30 years of experience that has involved tens of millions of dollars in marital property settlements, spousal maintenance awards, and child support obligations, we provide our clients with a unique understanding of the issues they must address and their best options for reaching a positive outcome to their case.

High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce cases can become incredibly complex when one or both spouses earn a large income or own valuable property. We work with spouses who have a high net worth to help them fully understand the issues involved in identifying and dividing marital assets (including real estate, vehicles, valuable jewelry or artwork, investment accounts, and inheritances) and determining the correct amount of spousal support (alimony) and child support.

Business Owners and Divorce

Spouses who own business interests may have difficulty determining how to divide business assets during divorce while ensuring that family-owned businesses are able to continue operating. With our experience in business litigation, we know how closely held businesses work, and we help spouses who are business owners identify and address the legal issues that must be resolved during divorce while working with them to keep their businesses intact.

Divorce and Corporate Executives, Directors, and Shareholders

Executives or officers of publicly held companies or corporations are often unprepared for the public scrutiny and financial issues that they may face during their divorce. We work with corporate executives to prepare them for interviews with their board of directors, and we help identify issues related to executive compensation that may complicate the division of marital assets, spousal maintenance, and child support, ensuring that spouses can maintain financial security after their divorce.

  • Chuck Roberts

    Chuck Roberts  |  Attorney

    Chuck’s law practice includes both family law and civil litigation. Equally at home in divorce court as he is in front of a jury protecting his client’s rights, Chuck enjoys the challenges which arise from doing both kinds of work. Chuck is proud of his appointment as a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Academy Fellows are widely recognized by judges and attorneys as preeminent family law practitioners with the highest level of knowledge, skill and integrity.

AVVO Rating Martindale Hubbell Internationa Academy for Family Lawyers Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers DuPage County Bar Association

Family Law

When parents and children become involved in family court cases, the decisions made in these legal proceedings can permanently affect their lives, their finances, and their personal relationships. We provide experienced representation in family law cases, helping families reach resolutions that protect their rights and their children's best interests. We assist with child-related issues involving paternity, guardianship, domestic violence, and grandparents' rights, and we work with couples to create prenuptial or postnuptial agreements that protect spouses' rights and financial interests if they should ever decide to get divorced.

Guardian ad Litem

In some divorce and family law cases, a judge will appoint a guardian ad litem (GAL) to serve as a legal representative working on behalf of children, ensuring that their best interests are protected. Attorney Chuck Roberts serves as a court-appointed guardian ad litem and provides GAL training for other attorneys. This experience helps him provide his clients with an understanding of what a guardian ad litem will consider when investigating their case and how they can work with a GAL to reach a resolution to their case that protects their children's rights and interests.

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Our top priority during these uncertain times is the health and safety of our clients and staff.

While our office will remain open, we ask that any client who has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 limit all contact with our office to electronic means. Communication is essential and we will continue the same level of responsiveness to which our clients have become accustomed.

We will continue to monitor the recent closures of the DuPage, Kane, and Cook County courthouses and keep affected clients advised of their case’s current status. As more information becomes available, we will continue to adapt to this situation.

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